Thursday, May 13, 2004

Ong Ah Bee's Philosophy: Part XII 

Paiseh.. ah bee very busy with work recently..

small update for u. TGIF!!!


There’s also a major, commonality..
In sg workers’, mentality..
All hate Mondays, unanimously..
And look forward to Fridays, with ecstasy..

Mons and Tues, all look like zombie..
Wed and Thurs, try to act busy..
Friday mornings, tink of where to party..
Sats sleep late to, recharge body..

To spend weekends more, meaningfully..
We hang out at malls and chat idly..
Rich ones brag about, their property..
Not rich ones compare their plasma TV..

Sports fans talk about Wayne Rooney..
Young girls gossip about, Nicholas Tze..
Housewives trade tips on adultery..
Old folks laugh over, Lao Fu Tse..

Gambling types jio their, mahjong kaki..
Foodies drive out, q for nasi bryani..
Weekends here have great, similarity..
Nothing is out of, the ordinary..

Evenings are spent, watching vcd..
Juz like office zombies, dressed more casually..
But all Singaporean thoughts, are in unity..
Why so fast Monday, coming oredi??

So yes siree, will vote for thee..
Can make Mondays come later for Ong Ah Bee?


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