Monday, August 09, 2004

Ah Bee for politics! 

Nominate Ah Bee for politics and get:

* More subsidised housing
* More driverless buses/mrts/taxis and less blackouts
* More 16% petrol discounts and Less Rewards
* More lateral thinking school kids and less vertical growing brats
* More scholar enterpreneurs and less enterprising scholars
* More mainstream arts events with non-gay themes
* More fireworks during National Day, and less FT hireworks after that
* More take-home pay
* More job protection for cleaners/ice-cream sellers/security guards
* Less retrenchments and more structural unemployment for sg white collared workers
* Less U-turns, and more 3-point turns
* More kachang putehs, and less durians
* 4 day workweek with Wed, Sat Sun off to buy 4-D

It takes a heartlander to understand a heartlander, nominate Ah Bee to enjoy More Food Years.
Together, we can build a better tomorrow. :)

Happy National Day!


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