Monday, June 07, 2004

Ong Ah Bee's Philosophy: Part XIII 

For all travelling countrymen.. have a safe and happy trip! :)


Cheong travel fair at, Suntec City..
Jostled with others to, travel cheaply..
Nevermind crowd's so, kiasu & kiasee..
Coz i need a holiday, desperately..

Never sat on airplane, through history..
Last trip was to Tioman, via ferry..
Now saved enuf for, a trip for the family..
So die die must get these, tours of economy..

Media portrayed a, different story..
“All tours have been snapped up, instantly..
So ‘Times are hard’, is a fallacy..
See we’re still travelling, globally’..

What they dunno and, dowan to see..
Is my suitcase stuffed with, Myojo mee..
They’re our staple diet, overseas..
When meals are out of, the itinerary..

Touched down Bangkok, ran amok in glee..
Rummaged whole city, for D & G..
Coz the Thai temples, and their majesty..
Can’t be worn to, show off u see..

One look people know, we’re from sg..
Coz we shop for brands, with ferocity..
Won’t care if the fashion is, passe oredi..
So long as logo's seen, prominently..

A passerby said “Sawadee”..
“U travel so far, to spend money..
How come u still dun look, very happy..
But juz buy and buy, with urgency.."

I said ‘sg buy 1, here buy 3..
Feels very shiok, when buy instead of see..
Can’t come often, so please excuse me..
Gotta load up, on cheap necessity..”

So yes siree, will vote for thee..
Can make living costs duty-free for Ong Ah Bee?


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