Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Ong Ah Bee's Philosophy: Part XV 

Last weekend the very same MP,
Like clockwork, he came to pally pally,
Say "I've done better since the last GE",
Coz I've kept awake, on TV.

I said 'Dear MP of my GRC',
Now I can buy less, with my salary.
My pay's frozen, perpetually,
Else will kenna replaced, by 2 FTs.

I don't need casino, or a grand prix,
Or someone, with 12 As in his resume.
Just an MP, who will feel for me.
Not someone, who will simply agree,

'Thanks for your feedback, Mr Ong Ah Bee'
I feel for you, very seriously.
But in the interest, of our economy,
I have to agree, to all the policies.

Inflation is mainly, for cars and property,
My COE, costs more than my Mercedes.
You don't drive, so you're better off than me,
Not my fault it's Ah Ben, printing money.

Your flat price is up, so you should thank me,
Only those that are buying will kpkb.
Your kids can't afford? Don't worry,
We'll just make flats, that are lagi tiny.

'So dear MP, of my GRC,
With such thinking, you win oredi.
I really hope, you win this GRC,
Else I may kenna, shipped off to JB.'

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